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DOORDATA is the leading provider of web based applications that manage inspections, users, passwords, and groups.



DOORDATA Solutions

DOORDATA Solutions, Inc. (DDS), is a privately held company founded by Hal Kelton, AHC/CDC/CFDAI, CDT. The company provides technology solutions that drastically reduce the time required to inspect commercial door openings in the field and electronically coordinate data collected and distribute subsequent reports to those who need it. This includes the inspection company's home office, building owners, project architects, and fire and building officials. The company's suite of products provides a turnkey solution that enables door inspectors to begin using its products immediately. DOORDATA's applications were created to address the International Building Code's (IBC) newly adopted standard, NFPA 80, 2007 edition. This new standard requires that all fire rated doors be inspected annually, which is a daunting task with paper forms alone. DDS began shipping its software and hardware solutions to a select number of Charter Members in Q3-2008. The company was the first software company licensed by the Door and Hardware Institute (dhi) to provide its Fire Door Assembly Inspection (FDAI) forms in digital format. Previously, all inspections were completed using triplicate paper forms. With paper forms, inspectors are burdened by carrying 100s of forms per building and no efficient means by which to share the data collected with those who need it once an inspection has been completed. DOORDATA Solutions' greatest assets include Hal's firsthand and in-depth understanding of the industry, dedicated product developers and technology partners.






Hal is founder and President of DOORDATA Solutions, Inc. (DDS). His experience in the door and hardware and building industries spans more than 30 years.

He began developing the concept for DDS in 2005 in anticipation of the adoption of a new standard requiring the inspection of all fire doors nationwide by 2011. As a sales representative and Architectural Hardware Consultant for Kelton Sales Group, Hal still plays a significant role in the company. He represents architectural door, frame, and hardware manufacturers; and electronic access-control system manufacturers. He consults on projects for primary and secondary schools, college and university campuses, hospitals, banks, commercial office buildings, and resorts and hotels. Hal's industry credentials include Architectural Hardware Consultant (AHC) and Certified Door Consultant (CDC) through the Door and Hardware Institute (dhi). He also is a Certified Document Technologist (CDT) through the Construction Specification Institute (CSI), a Certified Automatic Pedestrian Door Inspector through the American Association of Automatic Door Manufacturers (AAADM), and a licensed General Building and Door Specialty contractor in California. He is a Professional Member of the International Code Council (ICC) and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). Hal volunteered as a national instructor for dhi for 10 years and, in 2007, he taught the new Fire Door Assembly Inspection (FDAI) class for dhi with fellow colleagues. He has served as a guest lecturer at door and hardware and NFMT conventions, and he has contributed to the international Doors & Hardware magazine. In 2009, Hal volunteered his time to the Door Security and Safety Foundation as an instructor for the fire door inspection course that it developed to educate building and regulatory communities. When he's not working, Hal enjoys time with his two children on California's Central Coast.

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