With the recent rulings and enforcement by The Joint Commission’s and Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) of annual fire door inspections per NFPA 80, there is no question that NOW is the time to get your fire door, fire door frame, fire door hardware and listed fire door accessories information and fire listings in order!

Is your company prepared to handle the likelihood of hundreds, if not thousands of calls a day from inspectors, distributors, code officials, and building owners from across the country? DOORDATA provides on-site training for your staff to prepare them for this onset of fire door data requests. Are your listings all in order?  We offer intensive review of all listings, printed, online, and electronic media to ensure that your message is easy to find, concise, consistent, and accurate.

Perhaps you’re the only manufacturer with a particular fire door, hardware, or accessory listing. Wouldn’t it be great to flaunt that listing, be proud of this uniqueness and use it to your advantage when writing specifications? Or, you may be the one manufacturer that doesn’t offer a particular fire rated solution, do you want to continue to miss out on work because you can’t meet the specifications written by others?

We created our field inspection, software, and hardware solutions well in advance of the implementation and subsequent enforcement of NFPA 80’s 2007 edition, which required an inspection of all fire-rated swinging doors annually, and the repair or replacement of all non-compliant openings. We continue to update/develop these applications to meet the ever-changing Standards and Building Codes.

DOORDATA Solutions was the first software company to offer a suite of fire door inspection applications. Previously, all inspections were completed using triplicate paper forms.

We are empowering our customers with state-of-the-art technology in an enterprise, mobile environment to help facilitate the tremendous amounts of data collection, reporting, and retrieval needed to meet new inspection standards and requirements.

Partnership Features:

  • Get your product data to the field quickly

  • Outshine your competition by having answers, not more questions

  • Offer your customers this valuable service at a fair price

  • Enable fire door data sharing with your field personnel

  • Easily reach end-users and code officials daily

  • Dramatically reduce customer service calls

  • Ensure your product is properly evaluated in the field

  • Generate replacement product sales leads